Philip E. Greenman, DO, FAAO


Dr. Greenman taught osteopathic manipulative medicine at all levels - osteopathic students, interns, residents, fellows, allopathic and osteopathic physicians, and other health care professionals - and achieved international recognition for his teaching in manual medicine tutorials. His video series is the most complete and comprehensive set of educational materials that is available to practitioners of manual medicine. In these videos, Dr. Greenman introduces the student to basic models of manual medicine as they related to diagnosis and treatment, guided the student through a standard screening examination of a patient, introduced the student to the unique anatomic/biomechanic characteristics of specific regions within the musculoskeletal system, and finally guided the student through theapplication of comprehensive diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Now deceasted, Dr. Greenman served as senior associate dean and professor of osteopathic manipulative medicine and of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. A charter faculty member at MSUCOM, Dr. Greenman is recognized for both his artistry and scientific knowledge of manual medicine.

"I'd decided that I wanted to be a DO at age eight," Greenman remembered.  "Our family doc was an '03 graduate of the Kirksville college, then called the American School of Osteopathy.  As a second grader, I saw one of my classmates experience back and leg pain and weakness after a fall.  They took her to Albany for treatment, but she didn't get better until she was seen by a DO."  From that early decision came an exceptional career, not only in academic administration, but in research, teaching and clinical care.

It is not hyperbole to say that Dr. Greenman has probably done more than any single individual of his generation to subject osteopathic manipulative techniques to the bright light of reason and proof.  He refined their use for diagnosis and treatment, modeled clinical osteopathic practice, and taught these skills to students, residents and physicians through his hundreds of lectures, numerous workshops, and substantial publications.

Dr. Greenman is the author of 132 invited papers and presentations, 68 articles in peer-reviewed publications, four books, ten book chapters, and eleven educational modules - most of them related to osteopathic manipulative medicine.  He served as a member of the editorial advisory boards of no less than ten professional journals.